Centre of Information Systems Design Technologies

The Centre (official abbreviation: CISDT) was established after the restructuring involving the Department of Information Systems and the Laboratory of Information Systems Research and Databases Design of the Faculty of Informatics of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). The Centre is building on the information systems research tradition established in the seventies at the Laboratory of Automated Management Systems that was later restructured to become the Department of Information Systems of KTU.

Operational aims of the centre are:

  • To carry out and to coordinate interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research in the fields of Informatics Engineering (research area of Technological Sciences) and Informatics (research area of Physical Sciences) covering methods, technologies, and design solutions for databases and the development of information systems.
  • To carry out experimental development activities involving development and analysis of information systems and databases as well as their design tools.
  • To participate in the process of preparation of researchers and specialists of Informatics and Informatics Engineering.

Tasks of the Centre

  • To carry out research and development in the fields of Informatics and Informatics Engineering, to create new scientific knowledge and to disseminate it in the study process and in the wider society.
  • To participate in international research conferences, to publish research results in high profile research publications.
  • To propose research topics to research groups working at the Faculty of Informatics taking into consideration the needs of the Republic of Lithuania as well as the global IT development trends.
  • To prepare common projects and project proposals to national and international funds uniting various divisions and research groups of University; to take part in their implementation.
  • To provide research, technological, consulting and expert services to businesses and organizations.
  • To propose master and PhD research topics, to create the conditions for master and PhD students to carry out their research.
  • To take part in the University studies and continuing education process, to provide the conditions for the University researchers and students to develop their competences and carry out their research at the Centre.

There are five active research laboratories at the Centre:

  • Laboratory of Semantic Technologies
  • Laboratory of Data Analysis
  • Laboratory of Requirements Engineering
  • Laboratory of Business Process Management
  • Laboratory of Information Systems Development

Research carried out by the ISPTC conforms to the following research fields and priorities:

  • Technological sciences research field of “Informatics Engineering (07T)“ and physical sciences research field of “Informatics (09P)” (as listed in the Classifier of the Research Fields of the Republic of Lithuania)
  • Priorities of the Lithuanian smart specialization field “Transport, logistic and information and communication technologies”: “Advanced electronic content, content development technologies and information interoperability”, “Information and communications technology infrastructure, cloud computing solutions and services”
  • Priority research field of Kaunas University of Technology “Smart environments and information technologies

Applied research

  • Analysis and development of information systems design methods based on model driven development paradigms (MDD, MDA), internet service-oriented architecture SOA, and others.
  • Research on business processes/ business rules modeling and specification methods and their application in information systems projects.
  • Research and development of ontologies and semantic information systems, semantic web services, natural language processing and information resources integration methods.
  • Research on data mining, business intelligence, big data analysis, document classification, and machine learning.
  • Various other research and development efforts related to information systems, databases, and business process analysis.

Experimental development

  • Development of specialized CASE tools and other information systems design solutions.
  • Refinement and development of business processes/ business rules modeling and specification tools and technologies.
  • Refinement and development of ontologies and semantic information systems development solutions.
  • Development of solutions involving data analysis, machine learning and business intelligence.
  • Development, analysis and evaluation of various specialized information systems, databases, web services, and software packages.

Technical Feasibility Studies

  • Information systems development feasibility studies.
  • Business processes/ business rules modeling and specification methods’ application in existing information systems feasibility studies.
  • Ontologies and semantic information systems development feasibility studies.
  • Expert assessments and feasibility studies of information systems implementation options or development tools.


prof. dr. Rimantas Butleris
K. Baršausko  st. 59, Kaunas
e-mail rimantas.butleris@ktu.lt


Research projects

European Structural Funds projects

Integration of Business Processes and Business Rules on the Base of Business Semantics (VEPSEM). 3rd priority of theHuman Resource Development Operational Programme „Strengthening Researchers’ Capacity“, implementation measure „Promoting international research excellence“, project No. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-10-V. The main goal of the project is to integrate OMG standards BPMN, SBVR and UML into one visual modeling approach. It also aims to strengthen the potential of research and innovation technologies by creating an integrated business process, operating rules and data modeling technology for operational experts, system analysts and program developers, based on the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR )) formalization. Project duration: 2013-01-17 – 2015-04-30.
Syntactic and Semantic Analysis and Search System for Lithuanian Internet, Corpus and Public Sector Applications in Lithuanian Language (SEMANTIKA-LT). 3rd priority „Information society for all“, implementation measure „Lithuanian language in information society“, project No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-12-K. The goal of the project is to facilitate the use of Lithuanian written language in the cyber space in indivdual’s professional and personal activities, to accumulate and protect Lithuanian written language and cultural resources, and to take advantage of the latest Internet IT solutions, thereby creating interactive electronic Lithuanian language and semantic services and resources, as well as the information system that protects them. Project duration: 2012-05-09 – 2015-04-30.
Thematic Network for Innovation in Language and Semantic Business Modelling Technologies (INOTEMA). Financed under the Program of Economy Growth Actions 1st priority,,Scientific research and technological development for improving competitiveness of economy and economic growth“ measure ,,INOGEB LT-1“ (http://www.inotema.lt/). Partner – PE Kaunas High-Tech and Information Technology Park. The aim of the project is to create a thematic network for knowledge of innovations in language technologies in order to increase the validity of innovative solutions. It will improve the application of the language, semantics, and business simulation technologies. The network will serve the inventory, systematization, efficient search, analysis and dissemination of innovation knowledge. Project duration: 2009-10-01 – 2013-03-19.
Consulting and Notification Services for Kids and Youth in Public Electronic Environment (JAVAKIS). Priority “Information Society for All” of the Operational Program for Economic Growth” implementation measure „Intelligent electronic services“ project No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-14-K-01-006. The goal of the project is to introduce innovative and advanced electronic solutions in order to improve tools and services for the social well-being of children and young people. Project „Consulting and Notification Services for Kids and Youth in Public Electronic Environment“ is aimed at improving the quality of consulting and information public services provided to children and young people by improving existing ones and introducing new services in electronic space. Project duration: 2012-09-13 – 2015-06-30.

International projects

Informational Methodologies for Interactive Networked Enterprises (MINE). NordForsk under the Nordic Council of Ministers supported project “Methodologies for Interactive Networked Enterprises” (2005–2009) – (participants – University of Adger (Norway), Aalborg university (Denmark), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), University of Skövde (Sweden), Jönköping University (Sweden), Kaunas university of technology (Lithuania), University of Gdańsk (Poland), University of Tampere (Finland). Project duration: 2005-01-01 – 2009-12-31. More about the project.

Outsourcing procets of Lithuanian companies and institutions

Development of Ontology-based Consulting Knowledge Base Software Prototype. Contracting authority: JSC„Strauja – saugios sistemos“. Project duration: 2010-09-01 – 2011-11-30
Development of Ontology-based Auto Business Management System Model. Contracting authority: JSC„New Vision Baltija”. Project duration: 2010-09-01 – 2011-11-30


Prof. dr. Rimantas Butleris

Director, Professor at Department of Information Systems

K. Baršausko g. 59, Kaunas
email rimantas.butleris@ktu.lt


Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Rimantas Butleris Director K. Baršausko st. 59 rimantas.butleris@ktu.lt


Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Rimantas Butleris Director K. Baršausko g. 59 rimantas.butleris@ktu.lt


Name / Surname Position Address E-mail
dr. Paulius Danėnas Researcher paulius.danenas@ktu.lt
dr. Kęstutis Kapočius Researcher Studentų st. 50 kestutis.kapocius@ktu.lt
dr. Eglė Mickevičiūtė Junior Researcher Studentų st. egle.mickeviciute@ktu.lt
dr. Tomas Skersys Researcher Studentų st. 50 tomas.skersys@ktu.lt 
dr. Linas Ablonskis Project Researcher Studentų st. 50 linas.ablonskis@ktu.lt
dr. Rita Butkienė Project Researcher Studentų st. 50 rita.butkiene@ktu.lt
dr. Evaldas Vaičiukynas Project Senior Researcher Studentų st. 50 evaldas.vaiciukynas@ktu.lt
dr. Algirdas Šukys Project Junior Researcher Studentų st. 50 algirdas.sukys@ktu.lt
dr. Tomas Danikauskas Junior Researcher Studentų st. 50 tomas.danikauskas@ktu.lt
Indraja Elžbieta Germanaitė Junior Researcher
Kristina Aleliūnė Project Junior Researcher Studentų st. 50 kristina.aleliune@ktu.lt
Andrius Pakaušis Programmer
Voldemaras Žitkus Programmer Studentų st. 50 voldemaras.zitkus@ktu.lt

Doctoral students