Department of Multimedia Engineering

Mission of the department:

Provision of good quality studies of multimedia technologies, provision of required knowledge and practical skills to the students for their future career, ensuring that students could complete placements at companies and including business representatives in study process

Bachelor degree study programme

Multimedia Technologies. The programme aims at provision of knowledge of computer graphics and sound processing, preparation of content for traditional and internet media, engineering of multimedia systems, computer and digital technology. In this programme, the future specialists are taught how to understand video and sound processing and creation principles that are based on modern computer tools. The students have an opportunity to familiarise with all sound, video material, three-dimensional graphics development and editing tools, create games and other interactive graphical programmes. The specialist of multimedia technologies is a link between an artist (painter, screenwriter, director) and digital content published in public space.

Master degree study programme

Informatics. Future Master’s graduates study IT services in cloud computing, project management, multimedia data mining, digital video and audio processing, virtual reality and 3D modelling, and other subjects. Specialists of informatics, who graduated from this programme, have deeper knowledge of applied informatics, as well as multimedia, methodological knowledge of data analysis, are able to plan and coordinate work of the team of specialists, to take decisions and independently perform scientific research.

Fields of scientific research:

  1. Computer Vision and Image Processing – stereovision, processing of images and video information, 3D geometrical reconstruction, its analysis and extraction, intellectual image perception.
  2. Computer Graphics Animation and Gaming, Interactive Systems – 3D graphics, animation, computer graphics and geometrical modelling, virtual reality, image synthesis and generation, 3D games, network games, platforms of network games, artificial intellect in games, interactive real time systems, GPU organization, augmented reality, game engineering.
  3. Multimedia and Digital Learning – systems for creation of content of digital learning, designing and creation of learning systems, standardization of digital learning.
  4. Multimedia and Content Retrieval Systems – processing of digital signals, visual systems, analysis and extraction of video and audio material, distributed multimedia platforms, sound processing, language processing, mobile and Web multimedia.


Ligita Zailskaitė-Jakštė

Studentų st. 50, Kaunas


Department staff

Assoc. prof. dr. Armantas Ostreika

Head of Department

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas


Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Alfonsas Misevičius Professor Studentų st. 50
Gintaras Palubeckis Professor Studentų st. 50
Rytis Maskeliūnas Professor Studentų st. 50
Arūnas Tomkevičius Professor-practitioner Studentų st. 50

Associate professors

Name / Surname Position Address E-mail
Antanas Lenkevičius Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50
Liudas Motiejūnas Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50
Danguolė Rutkauskienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 48a
Vytenis Punys Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50


Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Kęstutis Jankauskas Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Lina Barilienė Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Vytautas Bukšnaitis Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Julijus Jakutavičius Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Daina Gudonienė Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Jūratė Platužienė Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Kumar Anubhav Tiwari Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Kęstutis Simonavičius Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Giedrius Tribandis Invited lecturer Studentų st. 50
Christopher Patrick Kline Invited lecturer Studentų st. 50


Name / Surname Position Address E-mail
Andrej Afonin Assistant Studentų st. 50
Dovilė Kuznecovaitė Assistant Studentų st. 50
Andrius Lauraitis Assistant Studentų st. 50
Gintarė Paškauskaitė Assistant Studentų st. 50
Evelina Stanevičienė Assistant Studentų st. 50

Doctoral students