Department of Applied Informatics

Activities of the department:

  • presents lectures of informatics-mathematics subjects to all Bachelor degree specialties of the Faculty of Informatics;
  • prepares Bachelors on Informatics speciality in the fields of Applied Informatics (I130), Internet (I160) and Artificial Intellect (I110) and curates Bachelor degree programme of Internet Informatics speciality;
  • in cooperation with Department of Multimedia Engineering the Department prepares Masters of specialty of Informatics, providing a possibility to continue doctoral studies in Informatics 09P;
  • develops scientific research in the area of methods and technologies, based on mathematical models of informatics, applying them for simulation of infrastructures and platforms of cloud computing services and systems, business processes, behaviour of physical-engineering systems, assessment of their functionality and reliability.

Bachelor study programme

Informatics. The programme aims at preparation of qualified specialists of informatics, who have a very good knowledge of technologies of programming, internet or three-dimensional graphics (depending on specialization) and are able to apply the acquired knowledge professionally in their work. Students deepen their knowledge in programming technologies, models of informatics-mathematics and their application in cloud computing for simulation of behaviour of physical-engineering systems. They study the issues in the areas of artificial intellect, IT protection, internet, learn to create and design network, multimedia services, distributed and mobile internet systems.

Fields of research

  1. Modeling  of Physical Systems Behavior. This research group conducts research on the development of mathematical models and computational algorithms for the physical behavior of objects and systems. The basis of the computational  technologies used is the finite element method. Research aspects are based on the  research that aims to analyze the processes in space and time scales within a unified model. The application areas are the computer simulation of dynamical behavior of composite structures, ultrasonic measurement procedures, human biomechanics and physical aspects of biomedical processes.
  2. Research and Application of Cloud Computing Systems and Services. In the course of the research, it was analyzed how simulation  models are created through the use of virtual environments over the Internet. This is relevant in medicine, since human physiology models are made available to doctors and patients. The proposed methodology allows the virtual presentation of simulation modeling for the research and clinical applications.
  3. Development and Application of Computer Models of Human physiology Based on Internet Services. Experimental studies were performed and a prototype of the service was developed to assess the patient’s drug authorization and apnea probability parameters and thus evaluate the patient’s analgesia quality. Data from real patients were obtained from the Department of Anesthesiology at the Alberta Einstein Medical College.
  4. Cloud Computing Technology Development and Research. Cloud computing technology research. Software as a service . Computer resource load mechanism Investigation in a the cloud computing environment. Integration of the latest resources load mechanisms into test systems and actually functioning information systems. Combining multiple information systems into one single information system, thus creating a global cloud computing system. Developing methods that ensure the distribution of resource loads between multiple cloud information systems.


Antanina Bliuvienė

Studentų st. 50-407, Kaunas
phone +370 (37) 300 356


Staff of the Department

Prof. dr. Rimantas Barauskas

Head of Department

Studentų g. 50-407, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 300 357


Name / Surname Position Address Phone E-mail
Rimantas Barauskas Professor Studentų st. 50-407 +370 (37) 300 357 
Miguel Angel Fernandez Sanjuan Professor

Associated professors

Name / Surname Position Address Phone E-mail
Vytautas Daniulaitis Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50–313B
Rimantas Kavaliūnas Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-414
Ingrida Lagzdinytė -Budnikė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-402A +370 (37) 300 999
Eugenijus Mačikėnas Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-404A
Dalius Makackas Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-214a  +370 (37) 300 375
Darius Matulis Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-402A +370 (37) 300 999
Irena Mikuckienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-313B
Regina Misevičienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-401A
Martynas Patašius Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-403A +370 (37) 327 627
Agnė Paulauskaitė-Tarasevičienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-214A +370 (37) 300 375
Vytautas Pilkauskas Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-214A +370 (37) 300 375
Gytis Vilutis Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-414


Name / Surname Position Address Phone E-mail
Germanas Budnikas Lecturer Studentų st. 50-214A +370 (37) 300 375
Dalia Čalnerytė Lecturer K. Baršausko st. 59-A340
Aušra Gadeikytė Lecturer Studentų st. 50-403A +370 (37) 327 627
Tadas Kraujalis Lecturer Studentų st. 50-214A +370 (37) 300 375
Andrius Kriščiūnas Lecturer K. Baršausko st. 59-A340
Darius Naujokaitis Lecturer Studentų st. 50-413 +370 (37) 327 626
Audrius Nečiūnas Lecturer K. Baršausko st. 59-A340
Giedrius Paulikas Lecturer Studentų st. 50-402A +370 (37) 300 999
Kęstutis Paulikas Lecturer Studentų st. 50-402A +370 (37) 300 999
Jūratė Pauliutė Lecturer Studentų st. 50-413 +370 (37) 327 626
Vidmantas Rimavičius Lecturer Studentų st. 50-403A +370 (37) 327 627
Dangis Rimkus Lecturer Studentų st. 50-414
Donatas Sandonavičius Lecturer Studentų st. 50-414


Name / Surname Position Address Phone E-mail
Antanina Bliuvienė Department Administrator Studentų st. 50-407 +370 (37) 300 356
Vida Ona Paužaitė Academic Assistant Studentų st. 50-214A +370 (37) 300 375

Doctoral students