The projects and and scientific research that are carried out at the Faculty of Informatics are devoted to the possibilities of applying information technology in various activities and sectors. The Faculty is the only in Lithuania belonging to the Informatics Europe association, which unites the strongest informatics scientists, researchers and academic staff. The Association now has 115 members from all over Europe.


Research areas

Internet of Things and services is a global infrastructure of the information society that combines physical and virtual things using currently existing and being developed information and telecommunication technologies and provides advanced services. The application of Internet of Things includes environmental protection, transport, logistics, farming, trade, health protection, public safety, smart and digital cities, smart houses.

Human-computer interface is a science about the relationship between two complicated systems – computer system and its user. As computer systems become more and more advanced, new types of interface (neural, brain, sight, gestures, etc.) emerge, that can be combined when trying to simplify the usage of digital systems and the information transfer.

Semantic web sees the future Internet network as a global database. Semantic network infrastructure would allow for people and machines to make decisions as to how the information should be categorised and used.

Program system development analyses the questions of solving real-world problems. System testing is relevant when creating sustainable programs that would work properly, for a long time and without major problems.

The creation and analysis of multidisciplinary models examines the aspects of how objects and processes that exist in real world are modelled and simulated in computer systems.


Research groups

Research Group Department Principal Investigator
Internet-of-Things and Services Department of Computer Sciences prof. dr. Egidijus Kazanavičius
Semantics-based and Knowledge-based Information Systems Engineering Department of Information Systems prof. dr. Rimantas Butleris
Multidisciplinary Models Department of Applied Informatics prof. dr. Rimantas Barauskas

Scientific achievements and impact

Impact of scientific research

Scientific research and projects that are carried out by the Faculty correspond to the strategic priorities of the University, the priority fields of research development of the Faculty and priorities of smart specialisation in Lithuania: smart environments, information technologies, semantic technologies, cybersecurity, ICT infrastructure.

Defended dissertations

Dissertations defended at the Faculty solve the problems of technology creation and application, and analyse the recommendations for their installation in the areas of cutting-edge information science, such as: business information systems (A. Šukys, 2017; A. Kriščiūnas, 2017), e-health systems (R. Girčys), advanced human-computer interface (I. Martišius, 2016) and Internet of things (N. Jusas, 2017). These areas are crucial for development of contemporary society, and smart environments that make people’s lives more comfortable and easier.

Name / Surname Title of the dissertation Supervisor Year

Nerijus Jusas


Creation of Systems of Internet of Things, Based on Feature-Based Models


Algimantas Venčkauskas 2017

Algirdas Šukys


Ontology Queries Based on the Semantics of the Vocabulary and Activity Rules


Lina Nemuraitė 2017

Andrius Kriščiūnas


Creation of Fast Convergent Numerical Algorithms for Short Wave Research


Rimantas Barauskas 2017

Dalia Čalnerytė


Creation of Multidisciplinary Numerical Models for the Analysis of Dynamics of Flexible Unidirectional Composites


Rimantas Barauskas 2017

Rolandas Girčys


Creation and Research of a Wearable, Real-Time Blood Flow Monitoring System


Egidijus Kazanavičius 2016

Ignas Martišius


Data Capture and Signal Processing Algorithms for Brain-to-Computer Interface


Robertas Damaševičius 2016

Jaroslav Karpovič


Representation of Semantics of Operational Dictionaries and Activity Rules in Language of Semantic Network Ontologies


Lina Nemuraitė 2015

Kristina Bespalova


Automated Creation of Meta-Softwares and Specialisation Using Transformations of Feature-Based Models


Vytautas Štuikys 2015

Impact of technological solutions

As it is important that the activity of the Faculty’s scientists and researchers would be more visible and appreciated by society and would make science and technologies more popular, the research-based technological solutions and inventions are presented at national (TECHNORAMA) and international science exhibitions. Startups created on the basis of the Faculty alumni inventions are among the most ambitious and successful in Lithuania.

Publications and their impact

The researchers and scientists of the Faculty publish research results in the top-ranking international journals with impact factor including Nature Scientific Reports (IF=4.259), Biophysical Journal (IF=3.668); Composite Structures (IF=3.858), Information Sciences (IF=3.893), Technological and Economic Development of Economy (IF=3,224), Computers & Operations Research (IF=2.600), Computers & Industrial Engineering (IF=2.623), Journal of Systems and Software (IF=2.444), Sensors (2.677), Expert Systems with Applications (IF=2.981), BioMed Research International (IF=2.134), PeerJ (2.177) and others. The outcomes scientific research conducted at KTU are being presented at the best international scientific conferences of the field.

Scientific events and their impact

The annual International Conference on Information and Software Technologies (ICIST), previously known as Information Technologies, has long been the largest and most important international science conference in the field of information technology in Lithuania. It was organised for the first time in 1995, and since 2008 the conference became international. The program committee is mainly composed of scientists and researchers from the institutions abroad. Since 2008, conference publications are published on Thomson Reuters WoS Proceedings database. The event is important for science and studies in Lithuania in several aspects as it encompasses the wide range of topics in the fields of informatics engineering and informatics, focusing especially on system simulation and software development. Scientists from Lithuania and other countries annually submit more than 120 articles to the International Program Committee of the conference. Since 2012, the main conference proceeding is published in the Springer‐Verlag CCIS series (publications belonging to this series are referred to in Thomson Reuters Web of Science and Scopus databases).

International conference ALTA: Intelligent Learning Technology involves scientists, study experts, representatives of State and educational institutions who introduce new methodological and technological solutions for the education system. The purpose of the conference is to promote international co-operation, the development of science in Lithuania and scientific relations

Science laureates, awards and achievements

LMA (Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) Young Scientist scholarships for the achievements in the fields of physical, biomedical, agricultural and technological sciences (2010-2011):

  1. Dr. Robertas Damaševičius, Kaunas University of Technology
  2. Dr. Rytis Maskeliūnas, Kaunas University of Technology

Research infrastructure and achievements

Two centres provide research services at the Faculty:

Centre of Information Systems Design Technology

The Centre focuses on scientific research and technological development of informatics engineering and informatics fields, on creation of new scientific knowledge and its application in study process and promotion to the society. There are five active research laboratories at the Centre:

  • Laboratory of Semantic Technologies
  • Laboratory of Data Analysis
  • Laboratory of Requirements Engineering
  • Laboratory of Business Process Management
  • Laboratory of Information Systems Development

Centre of Information Systems Design Technology

The Centre was established by reorganising a science laboratory of Information Systems and Databases Programming at the Faculty of Informatics, Department of Information Systems. An official abbreviation for this centre is ISPTC.

The Centre provides services for applied research, experimental development and technical feasibility studies.

Centre of Real Time Computer Systems

The Centre of Real Time Computer Systems carries out applied and fundamental research in the areas of smart environments and the Internet of things and services. Scientists and researchers of the Centre take part in international and national projects, actively collaborate with companies around the world. Together with TEO LT AB projects such as GALA and TV MOZAIKA were completed. AXMEDIS content distribution system was created in collaboration with foreign partners. The Centre collaborates with Aalborg, London City, Danish Technical, Darmstadt universities and their research centres. The Centre is also in contact with Siemens, Philips, Advantech, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Intermedix and other global companies.

Centre of Real Time Computer Systems

The staff of the Centre is actively involved in the tudy process. They are in charge and supervise various modules belonging to Informatics Engineering study programme, and the new Health Informatics programme, the aim of which is to train specialists that have public health and informatics skills, are able to design, create and install software for solving health problems.

KTU Open Access Centre

Using technological solutions created by our scientists and researchers we help our clients solve technological problems. Partnership with business encompasses all stages of cooperation: from simple orders and first tests to joint R&D projects and other services.
Reserve equipment or order a service through KTU Open Access Centre.

Science Projects

Faculty of Informatics


Significant publications

Removal of movement artefact for mobile EEG analysis in sports exercises // IEEE Access. Butkevičiūtė, Eglė; Bikulčienė, Liepa; Sidekerskienė, Tatjana; Blažauskas, Tomas; Maskeliūnas, Rytis; Damaševičius, Robertas; Wei, Wei.  Piscataway, NJ : IEEE. eISSN 2169-3536. 2019, vol. 7, p. 7206-7217. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2890335. [Scopus; MEDLINE; Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science)] [IF:3,557; AIF: 2,669; IF/AIF: 1,332; kvartilis: Q1 (2017, InCites JCR SCIE)] [CiteScore: 4,49, SNIP: 1,758, SJR:0,548 (2017, Scopus JM)] [ 07T]. Open publication
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KTU Faculty of Informatics publishes journal Information Technologies and Control . Since 2007, the journal is included into the ISI Master Journal List database.

Since 1994 the Faculty organises international conference “Information and Software Technologies” (ICIST).

Since 1995 the Faculty organises international university conference of Master and Doctoral Students “Information Society and University Studies” (IVUS).

The Faculty organises international conference ALTA: Intelligent Learning Technology


Vice-Dean for Research
Dr. Daina Gudonienė
Studentų st. 50-409A


Administrator for Science Production
Vilma Sukackė
Studentų st. 50-409A


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