Department of Information Systems

Department of Information Systems was established on 1 September, 1993 on the ground of the academic group of Information Systems Design of Business Informatics Department. Assoc. prof. dr. Rita Butkienė was the head of the department since February 2012 until May 2019. For more than 20 years the department has been successfully running research, studies, and project / design activities.

Bachelor degree study programmes

Information Systems. The study programme aims to prepare highly qualified specialists of information systems, who throughout 4 years would gain useful knowledge. Therefore, the students are learning to analyze, program, deploy and create information systems and develop systematic and analytic thinking. More information:

Master degree study programmes

Digital Transformation and System Architectures. Information systems (IS) are getting more complex and important in society. Effective application of scientific and engineering solutions makes it possible to create a high-quality effective information system within a short period of time and for a reasonable price. Studying the course, you will acquire a model-based systematic standpoint, which will be relevant to the modern IS. You will also learn to practice various advanced methods, tools, technologies and standards. More information:

Scope of the research:

Semantics and knowledge-based information system engineering

  • Semantic technology development and application
  • Development of business process management methods
  • Development of requirements engineering methods
  • Development of information systems design methods
  • Application of data analysis methods


Julija Melkova

Studentų st. 50-309a, Kaunas
phone: +370 (37) 453 445


Department staff

Assoc. prof. dr. Lina Čeponienė

Head of Department

Studentų g. 50-309, Kaunas



Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Rimantas Butleris Professor Studentų st. 50-313a
Audrius Lopata Professor Studentų st. 50-314
Tomas Skersys Professor Studentų st. 50-313a
Evaldas Vaičiukynas Professor Studentų st. 50-314
Jaroslav Karpovič Professor Practitioner Studentų st. 50-309a
Aurelijus Morkevičius Professor Practitioner Studentų st. 50-309a

Associate professors


Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Rita Butkienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-412
Lina Čeponienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-309
Kęstutis Kapočius Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-308c 
Vytautas Rudžionis Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50
Irena Patašienė Assoc. prof. Studentų st. 50-315a



Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Lina Bisikirskienė Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308c
Linas Ablonskis Lecturer Studentų st. 50-315a
Tomas Danikauskas Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308c
Algirdas Šukys Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308a
Gintarė Kriščiūnienė Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308b
Eglė Mickevičiūtė Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Voldemaras Žitkus Lecturer Studentų st. 50
Vaidotas Drungilas Lecturer Studentų st. 50-307a
Mantas Jurgelaitis Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308b
Kristina Magylaitė Lecturer Studentų st. 50-308b



Name/ Surname Position Address E-mail
Mantas Bataitis Academic assistant Studentų st. 50-309a
Julija Melkova Academic assistant Studentų st. 50-309a
Pranas Jaruševičius Academic assistant Studentų st. 50-309a
Lukas Arlauskas Academic assistant Studentų st. 50-309a

Doctoral students