InfoShow Festival


InfoShow is an annual student festival like no other – since 2000 it has been offering its participants a staggering number of exciting and original events. This years’ festival will start on the 21st of April and in 10 days it will unite science, music, video games, Japanese culture and many more events into one unforgettable experience.

This year we invite you to these events:


*Orienteering Race*
InfoShow’s Orienteering Race, which takes place in the city of Kaunas, invites you to test your skill of orienteering and gives you an opportunity to have a wonderfull time working with a team of friends. You will have to solve tasks and puzzles in order to stand up to the challenge.

Location: Kaunas.
Time: 31 March


*Hardware Jam*
Are you fascinated with the newest and the most remarkable gadgets and gizmos? If so, we invite you to the Hardware Jam which lasts a whole weekend, and during which you will be given an opportunity to turn your idea into reality using all sorts of electronic parts and gadgets. It is a perfect oportunity to test your skills of working in a team as well as your imagination, and is guaranteed to broaden your knowledge.

Location: Studentų Street 50
Time: 7–9 April


*Lan party*
This will be the 15th year for the largest event in the Baltics unifying both Lithuanian and foreign electronic sports enthusiasts. Lan Party invites to participate in a wide variety of video game tournaments, relax in the chill zone and experience something unforgettable.

Location: Perkūno Avenue 5, Kaunas
Time: 21–23 April, doors open 7pm


Do you have a vivid imagination and a wish to contribute to the environmental wellbeing? Do not miss your chance to participate in the creative workshop of InfoArt! Here you will have an opportunity to meet and to socialize with your new friends and colleagues while creating remarkable works of art using old and disused computer details.
Time: 24 April


*KTU Code Jam*

All programmers are invited to take part in a programming contest Code Jam. During the contest you will have the possibility to challenge yourself in solving programming problems. If you like programming, math and algorithms, this contest is totally for you.

Location: Studentų Street 67, room 305
Time: 25 April, 4.45pm


Without a doubt, there is nothing cuter than a kitten. That is why this year we invite you to participate in quiz competition about kittens.

Time: 25 April


*Bar Night*
Bar Night once again will offer an unforgettable night with a huge variety of music styles and the best bars in Kaunas. Like every year we will offer a wide variety of stage shaking performers, the ever lovely InfoTrolley, the rewards for the fastest Bar Night Runners and most importantly the athmosphere that guarantees a ton of positive emotions.

Time: 27 April


*KTU Next*
Are you interested in science and technology development in Lithuania? The conference KTU NEXT offers you a great opportunity not only to find out and learn about the most advanced everyday technology to date and its future prospects but also welcomes you to get your hands on experience with the technology of tommorow.

Location: KTU Santaka Valley.
Time: 27 April


*Anime Nights*
Anime Nights is a whole weekend devoted to the Japanese culture, which has a pretty huge and devoted fanbase. The participants are entertained by the anime music video and manga contests as well as performances by cosplayers and a procession of cosplayers in Laisvės Avenue.

Location: Studentų g. 50.
Time: 28–30 April


*WEB conference*
Famous Lithuanian presenters are ready once again to present the latest news and trends in the world of WEB. Detailed information regarding the topics of presentations and speakers will be announced soon.

Location: KTU Santaka Valley.
Time: 29 April


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April 21 d., 2017 09:00 - April 30 d., 2017 09:00


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