KTU Code Jam


All programmers are invited to take part at programming contest called Code Jam. During the contest you will have an ability to challenge yourself in solving programming problems. If you like programming, math and algorithms, this contest is totally for you!

Participants will get 10 problems which must be solved in 5 hours. Programming problems will be tested automatically using online judge system, so contestants immediately will recognize which problems need to be fixed.

Each solution submission rejected by the online judge system adds additional penalty minutes to overall solving time. 
Participants who solved most of the tasks in the shortest time will be the winners. They will be awarded with valuable prizes.

Jackpot – MGLW2 iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB Silver – is established by IT company called Xplicity. The Faculty of Informatics of KTU has established prizes for other winners of the contest Code Jam. 

Computer classes will be prepared for the contest: programming tools for C++, C# and Java programming languages will be installed. However, it will be possible to use other programming languages if participants will use their own computers. 

Registration: https://goo.gl/nyVDBt 
Location: KTU (Studentu str. 67 – 305)
Time: 21st of April, 4.45 PM
Contacts: mindaugas.vasiljevas@ktu.lt
More information: http://www.infoshow.info/en#naujienos

April 21 d., 2016 13:45 - 19:00

KTU (Studentu str. 67) 305 class

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