KTU FI Intern Days 2023


Planning your career? Looking for an internship? 13 leaders in their field are offering you internships in their companies:
GOD Lithuania, Centric, Teltonika, Devbridge (Cognizant), TutoTOONS, Festo, Devoteam, TransUnion, Indeform, Unity Technologies, twoday, TeleSoftas, Coherent Solutions.

Students of the Faculty of Informatics will have an exclusive opportunity to meet with company representatives on 11 May.

Consultations will take place from 11.00-14.30, Hall 100, Studentų str. 50

This year, together with representatives of Teltonika, TutoTOONS, Festo, TransUnion, Telesoftas companies, we will discuss and find out together what is a DREAM INTERN(SHIP).
The discussion will take place from 13.00-14.00, auditorium 101, Studentų str. 50.

Get ready to spend time with companies that interest you!
KTU IF students can access all the information in the MOODLE course “IF Praktikos”

May 11 d., 2023 11:00 - 14:30

Studentu str. 50, Hall 100

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