Biological Feedback Measurement and Analysis Technology Center for Strengthening Personal and Public Health (Bio-MAC)


Project no.: 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-03-0022

Project description:

The aim of the project
To develop existing concepts of innovative solutions for measurement and analysis of biological feedback in order to offer commercially ready solutions for self-monitoring of health status and proper and effective application of tools, continuous monitoring of health status / condition and remote quantification. Within the framework of the project, the collaboration between the partners will focus on the development, research and development of biological feedback-based assistive technologies with the aim of transferring rehabilitation and physical therapy strategies from the research laboratory to clinical practice and ultimately to the individual’s home.

Description of project activities
When applying biological feedback during the complex rehabilitation process, it is very important to select the most optimal means, methods and load for the restoration of motor functions based on the individual parameters of changes in the physical and functional condition of each patient. Real-time monitoring of physiological parameters would allow to adjust the rehabilitation program during the day according to changes in the patient’s health indicators (ability to tolerate exercise, recovery rates, changes during rest and exercise, physical capacity indicators, etc.) without real-time patient management, adjustment and learn to control your body position, functional movements, correct posture and ensure safe and regular mobility, which would be one of the essential goals of rehabilitation.

Project funding:

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund according to the 2014–2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investments under measure No. 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703 “Strengthening of Activities of Competence Centres’ and Innovation and Technology Transfer Centers’ “.

Project results:

Project results
The project intends to develop three prototypes of biological feedback measurement and evaluation with an expert system, specializing in monitoring and quantifying the effectiveness of the body’s recovery functions (e.g. post-traumatic or post-stroke rehabilitation) for the medical profile user (stationary system), tailored to individual user needs and able to identify, evaluate in addition to informing the user about dangerous recorded biological parameter values ??(mobile system) and remotely, real-time biological feedback measurement and evaluation system for at-risk individuals or those in need of long-term monitoring to assess compensatory and adaptive responses over a longer period time.

Period of project implementation: 2020-05-01 - 2023-08-31

Project coordinator: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Project partners: Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius University Hospital Santaros klinikos

Rytis Maskeliūnas

2020 - 2023

Department of Multimedia Engineering, Faculty of Informatics