Admissions to Autumn 2021/2022 are now open

Important | 2021-02-02

Admissions to study at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are now open. If you are looking for a top-quality education in an open-minded, innovation-driven community without a hefty price tag, KTU is the right choice for you. Check the available programmes and apply today. Choose a university, which turns 100 in 2022, the same year when Kaunas becomes a European Capital of Culture.

According to QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS EECA) Rankings 2021, KTU is among the 50 best universities in emerging Europe and Central Asia. Also, KTU is the 1st in the region according to Staff with a PhD criterion. This means that our teaching and research staff are the most educated among the universities ranked.

According to Invest Lithuania Agency, graduates of Lithuanian universities in science, computing, maths, engineering and construction are in the 4th place in EU.

“My courses provide relevant knowledge, I am participating in group works, take part in development projects, spend time in the lab researching, trying to perfect the same experiment three times if it is necessary, and I am happy that I have the opportunity and time to do so. KTU has a supporting environment, where you can learn and use your knowledge to create, to discover something new and be part of the scientific community. And if you are stuck or have a problem there will always be someone to help you out, be that your groupmate, mentor or academic advisor”, says Nóra Emilia Nagybákay from Hungary, studying Food Science and Safety.

Nóra, being an EU citizen can study at KTU for free, in a state-funded place. Besides, the University offers tuition fee waivers for the citizens of certain countries and several scholarships for international students.

Also, most of you will probably agree that studying is not only about sitting in classrooms and laboratories, but also about getting out and about, getting to know the city. In 2022, two special occasions will take place: the Kaunas University of Technology will celebrate a hundred years since its establishment and Kaunas city will become a European Capital of Culture. We cannot tell you all the events that will take place in that year, but be assured of one thing – there will be more of them than there are days in the year.

“Kaunas can provide everything one may need – from tranquil walks in the local parks to vibrant coffee shops and bars in the Old Town. There are a lot of local and international students around and plenty of nice places to meet new people and make new acquaintances. It is also full of convenient facilities, such as rentable scooters, bicycles, cars, plus, students have discounts on public transportation. All of this makes a life for an international student much easier”, says Kostas Loukas from Greece, who is studying Mechatronics.

Being internationally oriented, KTU welcomes students from diverse cultures and countries. Here at KTU, we speak a universal language of science. We invite curious and motivated young people willing to learn and to produce new insights, which would expand and challenge our understanding of the world around us.

KTU offers 18 Bachelor’s and 24 Master’s in English in a variety of fields – from social sciences, humanities and arts to informatics. Over 650 international students from more than 40 countries are studying at KTU.

Choose one for yourself and apply now.