Attend tutoring classes and prepare for exams!

Important | 2021-12-06

Student, would you like to deepen the knowledge of a certain subject and improve your academic skills? Would you like to prepare for exams in advance? Then attend tutoring classes!

All students from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Faculty of Informatics (IF) have the opportunity to attend tutors’ consultations free of charge!

A Tutor is a student volunteer who helps to deepen the knowledge in a certain field and improve your skills in that subject. Currently KTU and the Faculty of Informatics (IF) suggest tutors’ consultations in Computer Graphics, Discrete Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Mathematics, Theory of Probability and Statistics and Physics. The schedule can be found on the KTU Academic Information System (AIS).

Have you already decided which class you are going to attend? Log in to your KTU AIS and check the schedule of tutors!

If you have some questions, please contact KTU Mentorship Program Coordinator Agneta Bieliauskienė or your Coordinator at the Faculty Gintarė Lukoševičiūtė.

More information about mentorship, its benefits and students‘ feedback can be found here.