Creative Side of Technology: new exhibition in Kaunas centre

Community | 2020-08-17

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is introducing a new open-air exhibition for Kaunas citizens and city guests. The posters installed on the wall at the very heart of Kaunas city centre invites the public to contemplate on creativity and technologies as inseparable partners in developing innovation.

The exhibition is a part of the Creative Side of Technology project, with which KTU introduces its versatile and multitalented academic community to the society.

“Unfortunately, still our judgement is often affected by stereotypes: we tend to “label” people according to their profession or their interests. However, we all have our individual stories, a chosen path, a source of inspiration and an attitude”, says Giedrė Vaičiulienė, Head of Public Communications Office at KTU I Marketing and Communications Department.

In the contemporary world, where the limits, walls and contrasts are diminishing, new challenges and new opportunities emerge. The frantic pace of life, continuous flow of information and technological developments are creating novel perspectives. Human possibilities are overstepping the boundaries of professional competencies and the environment is encouraging us to seek for more, to go further, to look for creative solutions, to communicate, to understand the context. To perceive not only technological development but also to reflect on society and humanistic values.

Thomas Bryer, Nerijus Čepulis, Gavin Stewart, the teachers at KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, architecture students Karolis Lasys and Kemal Yegin, Jonas Čeponis, KTU Vice-Rector for Studies are among the personalities introduced by the project. Alongside portrait exhibition, the interview series is being released.

“The idea of the project was conceived while reflecting on the impressions from everyday conversations, lectures, from enlightening insights while meeting people possessing an exceptional point of view. The interviews and the exhibition in Kaunas centre is an open door inviting to join an academic conversation about the contemporary world, its trends, and on the impact of creativity on technology development and vice versa”, says Vaičiulienė.

Last year, KTU introduced a project Women in Tech, which was aiming to draw attention towards gender stereotypes in technologies by featuring portraits and interviews of KTU female researchers working in various fields related to technologies.

Creative Side of Technology exhibition is open at all times in Laisvės Alėja, Kaunas, next to the main fountain. All the portraits of the academic community members are made by photographer Justina Šuminaitė.