The start of success stories at the “IF Internship Day” event

Community | 2023-11-14

The “IF Internship Day” event organized by the Faculty of Informatics (IF) of the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) helps students find mandatory internships, and companies get to know talents entering the labor market quickly.

November 9 The “IF Internship Day” held at the Faculty of Informatics allowed students to get to know twelve companies whose representatives advised on practical and work issues. During the event, students were invited to try their hand at programming tasks, talk to companies about their products and services, and participate in an organized contest where students had the opportunity to win KTU IF souvenirs.

The event “IF Internship Day” is intended specifically for students of the study programs of the Faculty of Informatics who are looking for a mandatory internship or a place to start their career in one of the participating companies. Students of all courses who want to get to know the current job market in the field of information technology (IT) were also invited to the event. Companies offered and presented different jobs for students to apply for.

This year, many famous names could be found on the list of companies participating in “IF Internship Day”: “GOD Lithuania”, “Centric IT Solutions Lithuania”, “Devbridge”(“Cognizant”), “Bentley Systems”, “Teltonika”, “Festo”, “Indeform”, TeleSoftas, Coherent Solutions, SneakyBox, TutoTOONS and the Faculty of Informatics.

The event, which has already become a tradition, attracts over a hundred participants every year and allows us to enjoy success stories about students who complete internships and stay to work in cooperating companies.