Aiming to better prepare graduates for the job market, KTU Faculty of Informatics partners with leading IT company Alna Software

Important | 2021-02-10

At the end of January, a cooperation agreement was signed between Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and the information technology project company Alna Software. This agreement means that Alna Software will contribute to the study process, and can also become a great internship or workplace for KTU students and graduates.

KTU Faculty of Informatics (KTU IF) is constantly looking for new partners in the industry. Technologies are rapidly changing; cooperation with industry is especially important for the University to make sure the graduates are adequately prepared to respond to the job market needs.

By signing the partnership agreement, Alna Software aims to share their knowledge with the students of the Faculty of Informatics and of the whole University, to assist them in getting ready to enter the job market, where very often one has to be equipped not only with theoretical but also with practical knowledge.

“We hope that the new year, which started with signing a cooperation agreement with one of the largest universities in Lithuania, KTU, will bring us new opportunities. We are looking forward to our common activities, to demonstrate our acquired practical skills and knowledge, to share it with students and help educate the young people upon whom the future of all of us depends. We are excited about this partnership and are looking forward to the initiatives and events where we will meet the talents”, says Valdas Šimas, the Head of Alna Software.

Cooperation with business opens up opportunities

KTU Rector Professor Eugenijus Valatka believes that the cooperation between business and the University is very important. He hopes that the partnership with Alna Software will be beneficial not only to the University and its students but also to the partner company itself:

“I am glad that KTU has formalised cooperation with one of the leading IT companies, which has been operating in Lithuania for more than 15 years. I hope that the partnership will open up new opportunities for both the company and our students.”

The Dean of KTU Faculty of Informatics, Dr Rita Butkienė is convinced that such partnerships provide the opportunities that can not only help improve the study process but also are of mutual benefit to both sides.

“When we talk about cooperation, we need to emphasise the relationship that is created together. I believe that the possibility to cooperate with Alna Software is a great opportunity to further improve our study quality, to adapt to the rapidly changing job market. On the other hand, KTU IF students and graduates are highly valued in the job market, they are often described as hardworking and ambitious employees. I am sure they make excellent staff members in the IT sector companies, such as Alna Software itself”, says Dr Butkienė.

About Alna Software

For over 15 years Alna Software has been delivering complex custom software for both business and the public sector. Today, the company equally focuses on providing ITO services. Over 100 professionals under one roof, 9 spoken languages and Fortune 500 customers mean that Alna Software has the credibility to be trusted in fulfilling the needs of any business.

Currently, the company employs more than 150 different specialists in the field of information technology: programmers, systems analysts, testers and other professionals. The team is constantly replenished with new members, the company invests in the education of young professionals. Nearly 30% of all company’ employees are retrained individuals who have decided to change their career path and enter the IT market.


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