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Our vision

Best in the Baltic Region internationally acknowledged study and research centre, which focuses on information technology field.

Our mission

To provide research-based studies on international level, to contribute towards the education of the society by creating and sharing innovative technologies for sustainable development of the State and by promoting the innovation culture.

Our values

We are a close-knit community which is helping its members grow in academic environment by expanding their knowledge and overall understanding. We are bravely seeking for truth and for the ways to express it, we value honesty and are developing quickly, providing every person with an opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Our Faculty’s members are looking into an innovative future full of technologies with an inspiration and responsibility, knowing that we have a chance to take part in its creation.

The Faculty of Informatics is the first and one of the largest research and education centres in Lithuania offering studies in information technology field, where more than 2,000 students are taught by about 200 teachers. Every year, the number of professionals joining our teaching staff increases – the representatives of leading Lithuanian and international organisations and institutions contribute to the training of the sought-after young IT specialists. We are proud not only of our students, whose number is growing fastest in Lithuania and whose achievements and skills are praised by employers across the globe, but also of our scientists and researchers who are actively involved in conducting interdisciplinary research projects together with business, industry and state institutions. First in Lithuania cybersecurity training, smart homes and environments, e-health products and services and other inventions are among the award winning innovations who have already found their way to the global market.

  • The Faculty was established in 1977, although the real founding year could be considered 1958, when the first alumni graduated from counting technique study programme. This confirms the fact that the KTU Faculty of Informatics is the oldest establishment in Lithuania providing studies in information technology field, in a broad sense of it.
  • In 2015, a record-breaking number of people – 393 players – participated in computer gaming marathon Lan Party, the annual event organised by the Student Union of the Faculty of Informatics, InfoSA.
  • In 2016, The Faculty admitted record-breaking number of students (bachelor’s and master’s). 805 new students started their studies in that year.
  • In 2017, 2,186 students were studying in the Faculty. This is the all-time-record for KTU.

Dean‘s Office

Rita Butkienė

Assoc. prof. dr. Rita Butkienė

Kęstutis Jankauskas

Dr. Kęstutis Jankauskas

Vice Dean for Studies
Daina Gudonienė

Dr. Daina Gudonienė

Vice-Dean for Research
Romas Šleževičius

Romas Šleževičius

Head of Administration

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