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The Faculty is the first in Lithuania and one of the largest centres in Lithuania offering studies in the field of computer science, with about 2,000 students, over 150 lecturers, and each year more and more guest lecturers from companies and institutions in Lithuania and abroad. The Faculty is not only pleased with its fastest growing number of students in the country, but also with the scientific and interdisciplinary projects it is successfully developing with external institutions and organisations, from the first cybersecurity exercise in Lithuania to the numerous prize-winning inventions created by joint teams of students and lecturers.

Our vision

A competitive, international faculty of the Kaunas University of Technology, successfully carrying out studies, research and experimental development in priority themes for a sustainable future and sustainable social development. 

The vision of the Faculty is pursued in line with the University values by contributing to the following objectives: 

  • Studies – develop conscious, responsible, creative and highly-qualified specialists in the field of computer science, capable of addressing the challenges faced by society and the IT sector. 
  • Science and Innovation – create and develop knowledge and technologies in the fields of infornmatics and informatics engineering that are relevant to the needs of society, as well as transfer them to students, businesses and the public sector. 
  • Organisational Development – ensure the effective implementation of the activities carried out by the Faculty of Informatics, develop cooperation within and outside the Faculty and strengthen the competences of the staff.  

Our mission

To ensure the quality of studies and research at the Faculty of Informatics, and create an environment that fosters excellence, creativity, trust and cooperation.  

  • For society: foster a sustainable society through the development of innovative information technologies.  
  • For students and customers – create and transfer knowledge in computer science and innovative information technologies, develop skills to create and solve challenges.  
  • For each other – communicate and work together to achieve ambitious goals through continuous improvement and collaboration with external leaders in sectors of studies, research and IT.  

To provide research-based studies on international level, to contribute towards the education of the society by creating and sharing innovative technologies for sustainable development of the State and by promoting the innovation culture.

Our values

We are a close-knit community which is helping its members grow in academic environment by expanding their knowledge and overall understanding. We are bravely seeking for truth and for the ways to express it, we value honesty and are developing quickly, providing every person with an opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Our Faculty’s members are looking into an innovative future full of technologies with an inspiration and responsibility, knowing that we have a chance to take part in its creation.

The Faculty was founded in 1977, but the origins of the Faculty go back much further than that: in 1958, the first graduate in computing was trained. This is confirmed by the fact that the Faculty of Informatics is the oldest institution in Lithuania offering studies in the field of computer science. 

Currently, the Faculty of Informatics has five departments, two research centres and a laboratory centre.

Dean‘s Office

Rita Butkienė

Assoc. prof. dr. Rita Butkienė

Kęstutis Jankauskas

Dr. Kęstutis Jankauskas

Vice Dean for Studies
Daina Gudonienė

Dr. Daina Gudonienė

Vice-Dean for Research
Romas Šleževičius

Romas Šleževičius

Head of Administration



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