International Collegiate Programming Summer Camp – programmers proved they can work in teams

Important | 2015-08-28

On 25 August finished a week-long First International Collegiate Programming summer camp organised by Faculty of Informatics of Kaunas University of Technology. Under the name of the Faculty 30 the best programmers from the Baltic region were invited to the summer camp of KTU which was concerned not only with the mental but also physical development. 

10 student teams each of 3 members took part in the camp. The participants came from Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, University of Latvia, University of Tartu, and Tallinn University of Technology.

Each day camp participants had 5-hour length programming contests, also took physical group activities, which were organised by PI sport club „Birštono Nemunas“.

The aim of the first International Collegiate Programming Camp was not only to find which team of programmers is the best but also develop their teamwork skills in various energy-requiring activities: bicycle ride, hiking with Nordic walking poles, kayaking, canoeing, etc.

In total 5 collegiate programming contests were prepared. The problems for the contest were created by the KTU team. In 2014 this team overtook than 2000 rivals, entered the final and won the 30th place (for more information see here). This year they agreed to join the internationality-promoting initiative to invite the best programmers of the Baltic region to KTU. 

After the camp reached its peak, IT companies visited the participants and delivered three presentations in the context of IT topics. Programmers listened to presentations delivered by representatives from IBM, Devbridge Group and University of Tartu. (for more information see here). 

Winners of contests of the Collegiate Programming Camp are the followings:

I place winners Kristaps Čivkulis, Peteris Pakalns and Peters Ratnieks from University of Latvia

II place winners Nikita Larka and Vladislavs Klevickis from University of Latvia

III place winners Domantas Jadenkus, Justas Klimavičius and Dariuš Butkevičius from Vilnius University

Coaches of the teams who participated in the camp were happy that their students had a possibility to compete in high-quality contests and agreed to think over a possibility to organise an international collegiate programming summer school in Estonia next year.


Camp sponsors and friends:

IT company Devbridge group
IT company CSC Baltic
IT company IBM
Software for digital advertising creating company Adform

Student representatives InfoSA