Join the ECIU University and solve Kaunas city challenge

ECIU | 2020-09-15

Are you a master student or a  bachelor student of the 3rd or the 4th  year with good IT/ programming background? Do you want to make a real impact in your community or another European region? Join the ECIU university micro-module at KTU and engage in solving Kaunas city challenge!

What is the ECIU University and why take part?

The Kaunas University of Technology is part of a very ambitious European University initiative – together with 11 partners across Europe it creates the joint ECIU University. The core of this University is the challenge-based approach – where students, learners and researchers cooperate with cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges.

Starting from autumn semester 2020, the ECIU University members invites students, to join multi-disciplinary and, in some cases, international teams to solve real-life challenges. The challenges are provided by business companies and governmental institutions.

By solving challenges, students will make a real impact in the community, city and region. Next to that, the challenge-based learning provides students a possibility to work in multi-disciplinary and/or international teams, learn inter-cultural competences, develop problem-solving and teamwork competencies.

Join KTU micro-module and solve Kaunas City challenge

KTU invites master students and bachelors of the 3rd or the 4th year bachelor students to take part in the very first ECIU University micro-module “Computational Intelligence and Decision Making” that will start on the 1st of October. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to computational intelligence through machine learning and intelligent decision-making systems. Upon the completion of the module, you will not only be familiar with the concepts in machine learning but also acquire the skills to make intelligent decisions using various machine learning methods.

The unique feature of the module is the opportunity to convert theory into change-making practice. Together with the other team members students will engage in the challenge, investigate the situation and offer solutions on how machine learning and intelligent decision-making systems can help Kaunas City municipality to solve the big challenges – efficient management of resources in Kaunas city. This will be an opportunity to make an impact that will benefit Kaunas City Municipality, regional business and city residents.

More about the challenge-based learning here. As students from different faculties and other ECIU partner Universities are welcome, the module will be held online in English.

Check out more information about the module and the challenge:

The application deadline is the 25th of September. In order to register, please contact: