BALTECH scholarship announcement

Important | 2016-01-28

Bachelor, Master and PhD students, as well as teaching staff, from Kaunas University of Technology; Linköping Institute of Technology; Lund University; Riga Technical University; Royal Institute of Technology; Tallinn Technical University; Vilnius Gediminas Technical University students can apply for BALTECH mobility scholarship. You can apply for scholarship if you are Bachelor (min second year), Master and PhD and teacher at any of the BALTECH universities within any study field offered by the university.


Application form should be handed to BALTECH Secretariat (e-mail: or International Relations Offices at any of the BALTECH universities.

For scholarship you can apply until 15th of March.

Application form can be found in this link:


The   BALTECH   scholarship   covers   cover   expenses   for   travel   costs,  accommodation and other expenses (for example conference) from 1 till 14 days.

Additional information

In case there are any other questions or information is need. Please contact:

Mr. Juris Iljins

BALTECH Secretariat


tel.: +371 67089778